Sports Change Lives

The threat to youth sports


14% Inequality Between Incomes

There's a 14% disparity between incomes that earn under $25,000 vs. homes that earn $100,000 or more.**

1.2 million

1.2 Million Less Youth in Sports

From 2019-2022, 1.2 million fewer youth are participating in team sports.**


49% of U.S. Adults Experience Financial Pressure

49% of U.S. adults have struggled to pay for youth sports.**


25% of Non-Active Youth Experience Depression

25% of youth who are not physically active have reported depression and feelings of hopelessness.**

How The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation is Helping

$100 million


Since 2014, the Sports Matter Program has donated $100 million to support young athletes.

1 in 21 schools

1 in 21 schools

1 out of every 21 public schools has received funding for sports programs from The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation.

2M+ Kids

2M+ Kids

Our support has kept over 2 million kids in the game across all 50 states through the Sports Matter program.

42 Sports

42 Sports

Because we believe all chances to play are beneficial, we have provided grants for 42 different youth sports, and counting!

Sports Matter Turns 10


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