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A simple statement, but one that is often overlooked.
Sports build character, increase confidence, motivate kids to stay in school and aim for higher education; teaching life lessons that extend well beyond the playing field.

But youth sports are in trouble. Billions in funding has been cut from school athletic programs in recent years, and it's estimated that more than a quarter of U.S. public high schools will not have ANY sports programs by 2020.

That's why we've made it our mission to support programs that inspire and enable participation in sports.

Through our Sports Matter program, we're making a lasting impact in our communities by giving young athletes the chance to play. In 2014, DICK'S Sporting Goods and the DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation announced a $25 million, multi-year commitment to support youth athletics. This year, we're expanding our Sports Matter program to help more teams, in more communities, in more ways. The DICK's Sporting Goods Foundation, in partnership with the teacher-driven, crowd funding platform DonorsChoose.org, will match up to $1.5 million in donations to public and charter school sports teams.

We will also continue to afford all youth sports teams the opportunity to apply for DICK'S Sporting Goods' Sponsorships & Donations.

Never before has the need been greater. Join us and help save youth sports because,



The war in Congo forced them to flee their homes. But the game of soccer, and the power of sport, brought them together and forged them into family.

Congo has been at war for over two decades. The violence and corruption forced over 900,000 to flee their homes in 2016 alone.

But 8,000 miles away, in a town just outside Houston, a soccer team is giving the displaced a renewed sense of home.

Watch the amazing story of this unlikely group of refugees who came together, and through the power of sport, built a bond so strong that even Hurricane Harvey couldn't wash it away.

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Fifth Ward Saints

We all know Houston. The lively, populated city, booming with business, tech, aeronautics and transportation. But just 10 minutes away, in the Fifth Ward, there's a neighborhood battling crime and poverty. Luckily, in this town full of demons, there are a few saints.

Carlos Honore, and his wife Tatum founded the Fifth Ward Saints. A football program for at risk youths in one of Houston's roughest neighborhoods. Since 2009 they've been making a real difference, helping their players avoid the rampant violence, drug abuse and crime that surrounds them. And molding them into the future leaders of the community.

But when the team's equipment was stolen, the program was shut down. And the whole community felt the hit.

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Keepers of the Game

About the Film

We are proud to partner with Emmy Award winning Director Judd Ehrlich to present our latest documentary feature film, Keepers of the Game. Born in Akwesasne Mohawk Territory, lacrosse began as a scared game, traditionally reserved for men. Just off the reservation at Salmon River High School in Fort Covington, NY, an all-Native girls lacrosse team comes together, seeking to be the first Native women's team to bring home a Section Championship. But first, they will have to overcome their crosstown rivals, Massena High.

As the season comes to a head, the team is faced with increasing ambivalence from their own community and the girls must prove that the game of lacrosse is their rightful inheritance. With more than just the championship on the line, the girls fight to blaze a new path for the next generation of Native women, while still honoring their people's tradition in a changing world.

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Keepers of the Game is currently touring the U.S., screening in communities and at high schools across the country to raise awareness for how sports build character, increase confidence, and motivate kids to stay in school. Through our partnership with DonorsChoose, screenings can raise funds for a local high school sports team, and Sports Matter will match these funds. Bring Keepers of the Game to your school or community FOR FREE! To find out how:

Email Press@dcsg.com

A Gift That Matters
girls ice hockey

Like many school districts across the country, Anchorage, Alaska has had severe budget issues that forced them to make tough decisions, which included cutting girls' ice hockey in 2013.

The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation is giving girls in Anchorage, Alaska the opportunity to play ice hockey, free of charge, by fully funding the school district's high school girls' ice hockey teams through the 2017-18 season.

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Harlem LAX

Buzz Bissinger is the author of Friday Night Lights and a longtime contributing editor at Vanity Fair.

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Hell Week

Follow the story of the Central Panthers homeschool football team

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Salmon River Lacrosse

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Success Story
SOL Survivors

How one coach's passion gave a group of california girls all they ever wanted: a chance to play.

3.5 billion dollars were cut from sports programs in recent years.

Success Story
Diamond Fever

An unforgettable story of the Diamond Fever softball team.

It's estimated that 27% of US public high schools will not have ANY sports by 2020.

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Off Guard

How a pioneering program brought fencing to some unlikely places, inspiring kids to see more in themselves then they'd ever imagined.

Student athletes are 4x more likely to attend college.

Success Story
Asphalt Oasis

A hardscrabble New Orleans youth center gives even the toughest kids a chance.