2 Million Kids Helped

In 2019, The DICK'S Foundation's Sports Matter Program aimed to help one million kids participate in sports by 2024. We’re proud that it only took us three years to surpass this goal. Like the athletes we support who set new goals when they break old ones, we doubled down. We are pleased to announce that we've now met that goal and helped over two million kids!

Sports Change Lives

The threat to youth sports

Sixty Three Percent

63% Lack the Funding

63% of public school sports budgets are stagnant or decreasing.***


33% Fewer Sports

High-poverty schools offer 1/3 fewer sports than low-poverty schools.***


25% Participation Gap

25% participation gap between children of lower and higher income families.***


4X Less Spend

Parents in lowest-income families spend approximately four times less on their child's sport than the wealthiest households.**

How The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation is Helping

$80 million


Since 2014, the Sports Matter Program has donated $80 million to support young athletes.

1 in 21 schools

1 in 21 schools

1 out of every 21 public schools has received funding for sports programs from The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation.

1.6M+ Kids

1.6M+ Kids

Our support has kept over 1.6 million kids in the game across all 50 states through the Sports Matter program.

40 Sports

40 Sports

Because we believe all chances to play are beneficial, we have provided grants for 40 different youth sports, and counting!



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