Fifth Ward Saints

After his team’s equipment was stolen, the coach of a youth football program in a struggling Houston neighborhood was determined to get the boys back on the field.

We all know Houston. The lively, populated city, booming with business, tech, aeronautics and transportation. But just 10 minutes away, in the Fifth Ward, there's a neighborhood battling crime and poverty. Luckily, in this town full of demons, there are a few saints.

Carlos Honore, and his wife Tatum founded the Fifth Ward Saints. A football program for at risk youths in one of Houston's roughest neighborhoods. Since 2009 they've been making a real difference, helping their players avoid the rampant violence, drug abuse and crime that surrounds them. And molding them into the future leaders of the community.

But when the team's equipment was stolen, the program was shut down. And the whole community felt the hit.

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