The State of Youth Sports

Know the Score

When you break down the numbers, it’s easier to see why sports matter. When kids get to play, kids go farther in life.

Student athletes are


less likely than non-athletes to be depressed

Women’s Sports Foundation, 2018


of teen girls do not participate in sports compared to 25% of teen boys

Women's Sports Foundation, 2018


of low-income parents agreed that their schools and communities were not meeting the needs of girls as much as those of boys

Women's Sports Foundation, 2018

Physically active children get up to


higher test scores

Facts: Sports Activity & Children, The Aspen Institute Project Play

Youth Sports Are Under Threat

When we allow funding for youth sports to shrink, we lose opportunities for our kids to participate.


of school sports budgets are stagnant or decreasing

RAND, 2018

High-poverty schools offer


fewer sports & sports teams than their peers

RAND, 2018


of community-based sports fees are rising

RAND, 2018


of low-income families cite cost as the main reason for their child not participating in sports

RAND, 2018


Project Play

See what the research shows about the benefits of encouraging physically active kids.

Youth Report

Get the game plan for how we can provide more opportunities in sports for all of our kids.

Sports & Health Poll

Read the special report that examines Americans’ attitudes about sports, including barriers to youth participation.

Success Stories

Youth sports pack the power to change lives – and communities. As these stories remind us, we’re all better off when our kids get the chance to play.

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