Sports Change Lives

The threat to youth sports

Sixty Three Percent

63% lack the funding

63% of public school sports budgets are stagnant or decreasing.***

33% Fewer Sports

High-poverty schools offer 1/3 fewer sports than low-poverty schools.***

Forty Two Percent

42% limited by cost

42% of families of middle- and high-school students who do not participate in sports but are interested in doing so cite cost as the main reason.***

Thirty Percent

30% participation gap

30% participation gap between children of lower and higher income families.***

How The DICK'S Sporting Goods Foundation is Helping


Since 2014, the Sports Matter program has donated $80 million to support young athletes.

1 in 21 schools

1 out of every 21 public schools has received funding for sports programs from The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation.

+1.1 Million Kids

Our support has kept over 1.1 million kids in the game across all 50 states through the Sports Matter program.

+34 Sports

Because we believe all chances to play are beneficial, we have provided grants for more than 34 different youth sports, and counting!

75for75 Grant Recipient: Westinghouse Football


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